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01/19/11 09:44 AM #1    

Don Poffenroth

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07/24/11 11:52 AM #2    

Russell Troyer

Did anyone get Jill LaGasse's infomation Friday night?


07/26/11 02:45 PM #3    

Lisa (Missy) Bonnett (Douglass)


From talking with her on Friday night, she is living in Priest River.  I'm suppose to send her our class website information for her to join the site.  I'll let you know when I get her contact information.  Or, return to the site when you get the notice of her joining.  It was good seeing you this past weekend.  I had a great time!

Missy Bonnett-Douglass


07/26/11 10:53 PM #4    


Julie Landkammer (Johnson)

Thank you guys so much for all your hard work putting everything altogether!!! I have guilt that I didn't help. I had a great time. If I didn't recognize someone, I just walked up and checked out their name tag. If that didn't jog the memory, you just start over from scratch. LOL

07/27/11 06:36 PM #5    

Lisa (Missy) Bonnett (Douglass)


No need to feel guilty! While we could use some additional help, nobody was upset about it.  It was actually fun.  I'm going to have withdrawls from seeing everybody a couple of times each month!

As for remembering everybody, I have  the benefit of getting reaquainted months ahead of time through the planning process.  Plus, having worked on the past reunions, I get refreshed each time.  But the name tags didn't work for me.  My aging eyes couldn't read the small print.  So I had a system down and sent over a scout to see the name on the tag first!  Sneaky! lol

Glad you were able to make it and have a good time.  I look forward to the next time we get together!

Missy Bonnett-Douglass

08/22/11 01:37 PM #6    

Lisa Ascol (Beckman)

I wish now that I would have somehow attended this years. Hopefully, the committee will think about a 35 year reunion as we age. Sounds like the committee pulled off another reunion exactely as well as they did for the 20. (which of course I didn't attend that one either..Mmmm see a pattern here) LOL  Great Job and still sadness to see so many in 79, 80 and 81 that have left us behind. 

Many thanks to all the hard work you guys and gals have done.

10/04/11 11:32 PM #7    

Cynthia Davey (Azevedo)

Lisa:  A 35 was definitely talked about at our follow-up meeting after the reunion.... I love this message board forum!! It's a great way for everyone to get their ideas out there.   I had such a great time seeing everyone and getting re-acquainted... The Committee can always use more hands... this was my first year and I wish I had been involved from the let's all keep in touch...we'll have to start planning in about 48 months for a 35th :).  There was talk of having a very informal get together each year...Kevin Carosella had some good ideas... I'm with Missy B... I'm missing everyone already!! So, be watching for posts come Spring!

Cynthia Azevedo

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